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1. Four-Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking(徒步旅行)

This four-day travel will take you for gorilla trekking of Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the “land of a thousand hills". Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is one of the highlight travel experiences in Africa.

Day 1: Pick u from Kigali Airport- -Transfer to Kigali Serena

Today upon your arrival at Kigali International Airport, you will be warmly welcomed and transferred by road to your hotel, You will relax at the hotel for the rest of the time.

Journey Time: 10 minutes Accommodation: Kigali Serena Meal Plan: Not included

Day 2: Kigali City Tours- Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

Today after breakfast, you will go for a guided city tour of Kigali, one of the safest and cleanest capital cities in Africa. The tour will start from the first modern building that the city was founded on, during which you can learn about the country's history. After the city tour, you will begin the journey northwards to Volcanoes National Park. Bisate Lodge( 旅馆) is Rwanda' s first real comfort lodge. Activities at the lodge include Bind watching and participating in the reforestation programme.

Journey Time; 3 hours   Accommodation: Bisate Lodge   Meal Plan: All food

Day 3: Gorilla Trekking- Visit Twin Lakes

Today after breakfast, your guide will transfer you to Volcanoes National Park headquarters to start your gorilla trekking.

You will trek through foothills of the Virunga, enjoying great views from all angles. Upon seeing where the mountain gorillas are, you will stay with them for an hour as they go about their day-to-day life- playing, feeding, touching among others. Coming face to face with these endangered mountain gorillas is an experience you will never forget.

PS: We highly recommend that you hire services of a waiter who carries your backpack during the gorilla trekking. It costs 15 US dollars per waiter.

Accommodation: Bisate Lodge Meal Plan: All meals

Day 4: Departure

Today after breakfast, you will be transferred back to Kigali International Airport for your onward journey.

【小题1】What can tourists do at Bisate Lodge?

A.Visit a modem building. B.Tour Kigali with a guide,
C.Lear the history of Rwanda. D.Do some bird watching.

【小题2】What can tourists do with gorillas while hiking?

A.Meet gorillas face to face. B.Feed gorillas with snacks.
C.Play with gorillas for an hour. D.Follow the footprints of gorillas.

【小题3】What is strongly advised for tourists on Day 3?

A.Exploring the volcanoes, B.Employing a porter for help.
C.Catching a mountain gorilla. D.Leaving the backpack in the hotel.


2.    An 80-year-old man and his family may soon get a bill for the cost of his rescue mission. After an all-night search by rescuers .0 lames Clark of Dublin, Ohio, was found “not moving and exhibiting what appeared to be signs and symptoms on low nody temperature to the point of not being able to speak any clear words," according to a .statement. Rescuers wrapped him in a sleeping bag and carried him out about 1.7 miles to safety.

Similarly, in 2015, a family of four received an about 8500 bill after their daytime hike left them lost in the dark and requiring search and rescue ( SAR). This raises an interesting question: Who pays for the cost when you get lost or injured in the great outdoors?

The high cost of SAR missions is what prompted states like New Hampshire to pass laws that establish programs like Hike Safe to hold individuals more financially accountable for their rescues. However, some people have called for more strict laws to shift SAR costs off taxpayers. They say such a move would ultimately make people more responsible, but it's a controversial idea. “Society rescues people all the time-auto accident victims, home fire victims-and at far greater cost than wildemess hiker rescues.” writes Backpacker.

Critics say putting a price tag on SAR could cause people to hesitate before calling for help in emergency situations. But Heggie says this isn't actually the reason why the National Park Service doesn't charge for SAR. “If an agency such as NPS starts charging the public for SAR costs, the agency essentially has to conduct SAR operations. If something goes wrong during the SAR operation, somone could lead to a lawsuit(起诉).”

Both Heggie and Kupper say the best way people can avoid needing rescue is simply by being prepared, suggesting that people research hikes before they go pay attention to their surroundings, pack essential gear and not rely on a cellphone as a survival kit. "The best白ne to prevent SAR incidents is when people are still all home,” Heggie said.

【小题1】What state was James in when he was rescued?

A.He lost his way home. B.He daren't move alone,
C.He was in danger of dying. D.He couldn't express himself.|

【小题2】Why do some people support a price lag on SAR?

A.To reward the rescuers. B.To reduce outdoor activities.
C.To prevent hikers calling for help. D.To make hikers take responsibility.

【小题3】What makes NPS avoid charging for SAR?

A.The possibility of being charged. B.The heavy burden of medical costs.
C.The difficulty in doing a SAR operation. D.The fear of doing fewer SAR operations.

【小题4】What is the most effective in avoiding a rescue need according to Heggie?

A.Packing necessary things. B.Preparing well in advance.
C.Imagining accidents at home. D.Taking a cellphone everywhere,


3.    Laurie Santos greeted her Yale University students with slips of paper that explained: No class today.

It was mid-semester (学期). With exams and papers coming, everyone was exhausted and stressed. There was one rule: They couldn’t use the one hour and a quarter of unexpected free time to study, and they had to just enjoy it. Nine students hugged her. Two burst into tears.

Santos, a professor of psychology, had planned to give a lecture about what researchers have learned about how important time is to happiness, but she created a special class on the psychology of living a joyful, meaningful life and she wanted the lessons to stick. All semester, she explained why we think the way we do. Then, she challenged students to use that knowledge to change their own lives.

On that spring afternoon, nearly a quarter of the undergraduate students were enjoying an unexpected break at the same time. No, not just enjoying it-really loving the gift they had been given. Skyler Robinson, a sophomore, had been confused for a moment by all the possibilities it opened up. He felt very, very happy. Then, he took a nap. “That nap,” he said, “was fantastic.”

Santos designed this class after she realized, as the head of a residential college at Yale, that many students were stressed out and unhappy, struggling through long days that seemed to her far more crushing (惨重的) and joyless than her own college years.

Santos said students were most skeptical of the idea that good grades aren’t essential to happiness. And when she joked she was going to teach them that by giving everyone “D”, she was flooded with calls from frightened students and parents. Santos told them she was creating a center for the good life at the college she leads at Yale. As for the good life, she told them they already know how to live it-they just have to practice and put in hard work.

So many students have told her the class changed their lives. “If you’re really grateful, show me that.” she told them. “Change the culture.”

【小题1】What did Santos ask her Yale students to do that day?

A.Study for the coming exams.
B.Enjoy the free time in her class.
C.Apply their way of thinking to life.
D.Realize the importance of time.

【小题2】What does Santos think of her Yale students?

A.They care nothing about grades but happiness.
B.They are stressed into a hopeless generation.
C.They are living a joyful and meaningful life.
D.They suffer great pressure from learning.

【小题3】How was Santos’ special class that day?

A.Popular. B.Discouraging.
C.Humorous. D.dull

【小题4】What is the best title for the text?

A.Yale has a special course about social life.
B.Yale teaches its students about good grades.
C.Yale has a course all about living happily.
D.Yale helps its students reduce learning pressure.


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